Monday, January 31, 2011

Let's see here...

Ok. Well. My first weekend on ww and it was a....? I don't know. I guess I will find out tonight whether it was a success or not! I mean, I def changed my ways and that is good.

Friday night J decided he wanted pizza. So I ate it. And each cheese thin crust piece is 7pts. Um. I had FOUR pieces! I know...alot. But pizza is my fav food ever and I had enough points! I didn't even go over! So it should be ok...right?

Saturday I met up with two of my bffs and we went out to lunch. I did good for breakfast ( ww bagel, 3 egg whites 1 egg, 1 slice of cheese, 2 pieces of deli ham) so I got a Stromboli with sweet peppers and sausage for lunch. Probably not a good choice, but I got the smallest size and it was 6" big. Not that big! And I guessed high on the amount of points it was. I marked it as 25! And I know it WAS NOT that many! But I just wanted to make sure. So then I came home and ate a healthy morning star farms fake chicken patty on a ww roll with ketchup. And I did not go over my points!

Sunday I was also hanging out with friends. For breakfast I got a dunkin donuts egg white flat bread (7pts). then for lunch my friend made this taco soup that had ground beef, beans, salsa, tomatoes, and corn in it. It couldn't have been that unhealthy. I also made a taco salad with ground beef, ww cheese, ff sour cream, lettuce and salsa. I know that wasn't that unhealthy either! I did have 2 cookies (4pts) and some munchies (tortilla chips, popcorn, and chocolate covered macadamia nuts..only one!). I decided that all that was probably around 20 points. I came home and had another fake chicken patty on ww roll and some cereal a little later. I am not sure if I went over or not..but I have 49 EXTRA points a week for when I need them! And I did not use like any of them! So I should be good to go!

The only bad thing about this first week of ww was that I couldn't find the time to workout. I know that is a lame excuse but I didn't want to workout while my bf was home and I was so busy this weekend! So I guess the scale tonight will tell me if I lost anything this week or not! I BETTER HAVE! At least 1 pound. Because I have been eating SO good!!!!!

So....I guess I will check in tomorrow with either good news, or a lot of cussing.

Wish me luck!

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