Monday, January 24, 2011


I lied. when I said that I was eating my last donut...I didn't mean it. TODAY I am eating my last donut. and I mean it. because tonight...I get weighed at my first ww meeting. YIKES!

I went to the store and bought my lean cuisines for lunch and am ready with my food journal in hand. I am sooo ready for this! I had my fun in Hawaii eating and drinking whatever I wanted (tropical drinks and Pepsi for all!!). So tonight it starts, and I am so nervous to see what the scale says, but excited to get started!!!! I was watching the fat shows on MTV yesterday and they are very inspiring! They make me want to get started and start working out!!! I decided that since I just stepped on my sunglasses and broke them, that when I lose 30lbs I will buy new ones! That is my goal.

So...tonight is the night! AND I AM READY TO GET STARTED!!!! (As soon as I finish this donut....)

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