Tuesday, January 25, 2011


So...that was my reaction when I stepped on the scale. Actually, it was a mix between saying yikes, holy shit, fuck, crying, and wanting to jump out the window. I was embarrassed. It was really bad. Never in my 26 years have I ever been this huge! I talked to a friend and she made me feel better by saying that it will only get better. And I hope she is right. If anything, seeing that large number was a wake up call. HELLO!!!! YOU ARE A FAT ASS! YOU CAN EITHER CHANGE IT NOW, OR MAKE IT WORSE! So. I voted...to change it now.

Today is officially my "first" day on the new ww points plus program. I have a massive amount of points and have only used 7 for breakfast (granted...I had no food in the house so I went to DD and got their "healthy" choice worth 7 points. Probably not the best choice for day 1, but hey...gotta start somewhere right?). I was so surprised to how cheap the program is! For $15 (the joining fee of $25 is waived until March!) I got all of the weight charts, food journal, information packets, plus this awesome pocket guide that has a list of food and lots of great tips. You are supposed to carry that around with you everyday. For $10 each I bought a new point plus calculator and a food companion that tells you the points of over 20,000 foods. I was surprised that it was only $20 for both of those combined! The calculator is pretty awesome. It keeps track of your daily points as well as what you use. The new ww program doesn't count calories but instead counts fiber, fat, protein, and carbs! And most fruit and veggies are 0 points!! I am excited to start this crap! So here is day one....and so far, so good...does it count that it's only 9am?

Tuesdays this semester I have class. Usually I would grab McDonalds or something similar for dinner because it is quick and easy (and I really love McDonalds...). Let's see what I do tonight. I WILL NOT be eating fast food. I have to come up with a healthy alternative!

So. If you read this....and I know most people do not....I am going to need your help. Not like annoying help, but if I ever want to give up I need you to tell me NO! OK? Thank you!

So for now...I am going to go and count points and try not to cheat on my frist week. Wish me luck...because we all know I will need it!!!!

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