Wednesday, February 9, 2011

another win

So, like I said before, all successes aren't always on the scale. I like to think that any positive change you make in yourself, is a success and a reason for celebration and acknowledgement.

Yesterday I had class. It's hard for me to cook anything before class because I leave work at 4:45 and rush to make my class in DE at 5:30. There is hardly any time and I usually opt for fast food. In particular...McDonalds. I love McDonalds. I know it's disgusting and really bad for you, but it is so good!! I usually ate it at least once a week. I would get either a quarter pounder meal with a large sweet tea AND a crispy chicken ranch wrap. Um...hello. According to my ww book that is 43 points and that doesn't even include the fact that is gross and way too much food. I was also known to eat the two cheeseburger meal with the snack wrap and that is even worse at 46 points. gag.

So yesterday...I forgot to bring something for dinner. ugh. So I had to quickly come up with an idea so that I wouldn't sit through my 4 hour class starving. I decided on saladworks where my whole salad would be 7pts for a huge salad. The problem with saladworks is time. I didn't have enough time to run in there, grab a salad and eat it. So...I opted for Subway. I ended up getting a foot long turkey with lettuce, tomato, onions, pickles, sweet peppers, and barely any mayo on a honey oat roll (bad choice of roll). For a total of....19 points. I think that is alot!! The stupid bread alone ended up being 14 points. Even though it says's obviously not that healthy. So...if you are at subway, get the 9 grain and NOT the honey oat. Even though my dinner was 19 points, it still was a wayyyy better choice than McDonalds. I was full and satisfied and I ate that at 5pm and did not eat anything else the rest of the night. I ended up having 13 points unused for the day.

Here is why I am proud of myself: at school they had free pizza for us. I totally forgot about this and walk in and am slapped in the face with the yummy smell of pizza. I. did. not. have. any. pizza. GO ME! Old me would have eaten McDonalds, walked in and grabbed TWO slices of pizza and probably a soda. New me...well. She walked in and just stared everyone down while they were eating pizza and just kept telling herself that no pizza is worth not losing weight. That pizza will taste just as good when I am down 50lbs.

So..moral of the story is that my will power will be tested SO many times during this journey. But at least I know now, that when I want to be...I can be pretty strong.

go me.

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