Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Back on Track

I have recovered from my mistakes this weekend!! Even though Monday and Tuesday I still felt like a heifer. I think it was the curry chicken. I kinda ate a lot of it. I mean, the raita sauce was good for you since it was made out of fat free greek yogurt, cucumner, onion, lime juice and seasoning. The curry wasn't too bad, but I just felt like I ate too much of it! I had a huge helping of it on Tuesday for lunch. But that filled me up and for dinner before class I was just going to have lite ceasar salad with perdue shortcuts. Then I started feeling nauseous thinking about the chicken being a week old, so I went to wawa and got the chicken salsa flat bread (14pts). I was under for my points yesterday so that's good.

Today I went to Dunkin Donuts and got an egg white flat bread with turkey sausage (7pts) and a medium coffee with sweet n low and milk (2pts). I really wanted a coffee after tasting J's last night. He had cream and sugar in his...MMMMM. So for lunch I was ones pizza minis (7pts), coconut ff yogurt (2pts) and salt and pepper popchips (3pts for 22 chips). Those popchips were love. SO GOOD. They are like healthy chips that aren't fried or baked and are all nautral. Apparently they pop the chips...aka popchips.

Tonight for dinner I am creating a concoction. Inspired from that awesome turkey reuben I ate this weekend. I really love taking bad for me food and creating a healthy alternative. So here it is:

Non stick olive oil spray to grill (0pts)
2 slices of ww rye bread (2 pts)
Fresh carved turkey from wegmans (2pts for 2 oz.)
low fat swiss cheese (I think 2pts per slice)
thousand island low fat dressing (2pts / 2tbs)
then I may add tomato. But that's 0 pts anyways.
Total: 8 pts

Serve that with a yummy salad or low fat soup and you get an awesome dinner. Compared to the 18 point reuban from the diner. Yikes.

I hope this tastes yummy. I need to head to Trader Joes sometime soon so I can make some delicious homemade healthy pizza. Love that pizza.

I really have an itch to go out and exercise today. It sucks that it just snowed yesterday but I may go out tonight anyways. I need to!!

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