Monday, February 21, 2011

Bad Girls Club

Shame on me...

This weekend.......was probably the first time I really messed up on ww. BOOOOOOOO I suck. Now I feel bad, but am SO glad I do not have a weigh in today due to Presidents Day. So THANK YOU Mr. Washington and Mr. Lincoln for allowing me to have an extra week to lose the cellulite I have consumed this weekend. is the damage:

Friday: Me and J went to a diner for dinner at 8:30 pm. Right off the bat, 8:30pm?? That is a no no. But did I care...apparently NOT. So at the diner I ordered a turkey reuben on grilled rye with cole slaw, swiss, turkey, and russian dressing. Oh...and fries. FAIL. Even though the sandwich was huge, at least I only ate half of it. I took the rest home. But I am pretty sure the buttery grilled rye bread was bad, the massive amounts of melted swiss was bad, the yummy homemade russian dressing was bad, the crunch crispy fries were bad and even the cabbage drenched in creamy cole slaw dressging....well....that too was bad. (Is it me, or did that description just make you drool?? omg....BAD). So I ended up doggy bagging half of the sandwich...only to consume it at a later time of course.

Saturday: Well....I guess you can say I started off with good intentions....I ate a normal bowl of cereal for breakfast. But then of course at 10:30am I was eating my leftover turkey reuban goodness. Shame on me! Then it was off to DE to continue my weekend of fail. First up: NACHOS at Kates. Kates is a bar me and my friends used to go to all the time on Tuesday's for half price nachos. It is a UofD thing and became a tradition. So of course, hanging out with my old pals...we went to Kates.....for nachos. Not just any nachos, but nachos with chicken, globs of cheese, jalapenos, tomatoes, chili, re fried beans, full fat sour cream, and salsa. MMMM were they good!!! AND WORTH THE 500 POINTS! Because....I was with my old bffs and it was just so much fun. So no regrets! However, after the nachos we went to the yummy cupcake store and I got 4 cupcakes. Ate 1 vanilla on vanilla goddess, then took the others home. (That was a mistake). After nachos I met up with another bff from my old job. We got pedicures and then went to the best restaurant ever...Pizza by Elizabeths. SO GOOD. It's like super expensive mini pizzas. We got baked brie as an appetizer. It was soooo yummy and soooooo bad for me. I also had a glass of wine because their Riesling is the best wine I have ever had. No lie. For dinner....I did behave. I made my own 8" pizza (yeah...8" is that. It was so damn tiny. Think of the personal small ass pizzas from lean cuisine, this was that size...only with a $15 price tag). I made my own pizza with whole wheat crust, chunky tomato sauce, fat free mozzarella, fresh basil, and fresh garlic. YUM. SO GOOD. So that was the last thing I ate on day of mistakes and fails...but none that I regret.

Sunday: You would think that after my day of gluttony I would behave.........wrong again. Apparently you don't know me too well. So for breakfast me and J went to a diner (Damn you NJ and your diners!!). I got an egg white omelet with ham and cheddar cheese (apparently a whole cows worth), potatoes, whole wheat toast, and.....a side of bacon (fail). Of course I didn't eat the whole breakfast, but I did do it some damage. Oh...I also had coffee...and used half and half. Like 3 cups of coffee. So even though breakfast was was big enough that I didn't need lunch. But of course...I picked at the leftover cupcakes so much...that between the 2 leftover (j had one on saturday) I managed to eat half of each...or a combined whole cupcake. Apparently my tummy was pissed because it made me feel sick. I guess 3 pounds of sugary oreo and peanut butter frosting can do that to you. Needless to say to stop me from eating the rest...I threw those $3/ea cupcakes in the trash, as well as my dignity. I did not eat anything else until dinner...and that was a Wegmans Italian sub. Oh joy...more fatness. (But it was oh so good)

So...............moral of the story.....I need more self control. However...weekends like these are damaging, but needed. Someone like me obviously has an issue with food. To be successful I can not just avoid situations like these, but I do need to limit them and learn from them. It is OK that I ate what I ate as long as I account for the points, and move on. Will I do this again next weekend? No. Next month? No. I will probably never have a situation where I would be doing the same things I did this weekend. This is going to be a long journey for me...and it will not be an easy fix fixed overnight.

I am upset with myself for eating what I did, but I am also proud of myself that along the way...I improved on the old me. Old me would have eaten more than just nachos and old me wouldn't have gotten a healthy pizza or stopped eating when she was full. So to me...those are positives. Again, an advantage to be an optimist. Always seeing a positve in a pool of negatives. I also didn't mention that on Friday I walked for an hour, Saturady 40 mins and Sunday 30 mins with a .25 mile run. So....those are positives as well.

But...I am still thankful that I will not be getting weighed tomorrow!!

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