Friday, February 25, 2011


Um. Last nights dinner was bomb. SO GOOD. I think me and J found our new fav place. It was ghetto fab but oh so amazing. We were the only ones eating inside mainly because it's somewhat new and it looks like it caters more to delivery and take out. We were skeptical because it was a pizzeria/Mediterranean restaurant. It doesn't seem like those two should mix..or if they do, that it wouldn't be too good. Then we saw who was running this joint. Not Italianos but....Mediterraneans. We decided that they added the pizza aspect to keep them in business since hummus and fallafel aren't exactly popular in Collingswood.

When we got there we pretty much already knew what we wanted from stalking the menu we got in the mail. So we ordered: Hummus, Marinated feta, and J got falafel and I got shwarma. Both were served in pita and considered sandwiches. EVERYTHING we got was SO good. Here is the pic of the hummus and feta deliciousness.

The hummus was amazing and you could tell it was homemade and freshy fresh. The little green thing in it sticking up is the Mediterranean version of a pickle. love. The feta come tossed with onions and tomatoes and I believe olive oil. It was served with massive amounts of green and black olives. Then you tie both the hummus and feta together with a warm pita....LOVE. I probably had 4 pieces of pita with this stuff. MMMMM. Then our sandwiches came. J's falafel was so good and mine was too! Shwarma is thinly sliced seasoned chicken that kinda tastes a little like curry. It was served with lettuce, tomato, onion, Mediterranean pickles, some bright purple pickled something...maybe beets, and tahini sauce (a sesame seed sauce). It was so yummy. I was so full but I forced myself to eat it all. BAD. Oh well. At least it wasnt like really bad for me food. For dessert we brought home this semolina coconut, honey, and almond comment. love.
I saved 24 points for this meal. I have NO idea if I went over or not. I couldn't find all of the values in the ww book but here is what I found:
Hummus (4pts 1/4 cup)
Pita (2 pts for 1/2 large pita)
Feta (3pts for 1/4 cup)
schwarma chicken (about 5pts for 1 theigh)
I guess ww isn't very descriptive about some cultural food because this is all I could find. I def ate at least 2 servings of hummus so let's say 8pts there. i prob had 2 full pitas 8 pts. 3 pts for feta and 5 for chicken. So...give or take 25 points? Looks like I went over. I mean...Mediterranean food was healthy. They use fresh high quality olive oil and alot of veggies. I guess now that I break it down I am a little upset I went over...but it was an awesome experience trying new foods.
UGH. I better not gain weight. I will better have lost weight these past 2 weeks or I will be MAD.
seems like i'm slacking....noooooooooooooooooooo!!!

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