Thursday, February 10, 2011

Go fish!

So here is the dinner I made last night:

I made talapia rubbed in garlic with salt, pepper, italian seasoning, and drizzled with olive oil. Also, broccoli and rice. It was a 14 point meal *I think*.

The talapia is 2 points but then I had to count the olive oil so I just guessed 2 extra points...although I really have no idea! The rice was about 7 points per serving which is kind of alot but I needed to make something with this fish. I had a small serving but just made it 8 points. The broccoli was 2 points because it has a light cheese sauce on it (1pt per serving). Over all the meal was just OK. The fish didn't have enough flavor. I need to work on my fish skills haha. I felt good after I ate this becuase I felt like it was somewhat healthy. After dinner I was still able to have a ww ice cream and a 100 calorie pack of oreo cakes. I still had 16 points left over for the day.

Tonight I think I am going to try baking some blueberry scones from the website. I have leftover buttermilk and I thought those scones sounded good!! I will post pics if they look good!!

In other apartment has been -10 degrees because our heat doesn't seem to work. I don't enjoy being cold, but I know you burn more calories when you're cold!!! See!!! There really is a plus to every negative! Here's to being an optimist!

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