Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Hell YES!!!!

So.....week 1....I lost..........................


Yup! that's right!!! YAY!!! I was worried because I haven't been exercising and I ate some things that probably weren't a great choice, but I still lost!!! My goal this week is to exercise and lose about the same amount!! Please?

Btw- here is a good recipe that I made last night. Each serving is only 6 points but it doesnt taste lite!!

You take 98% fat free hotdogs (I bought deitz and watson...not bad!) and reduced fat cressent rolls. You take the crescent rolls and put a small piece of cheddar cheese in them and then roll it around the hot dog and bake them. SO GOOD.

98% ff hot dogs (2) Pts each
reduced fat crescent rolls (3) pts each
half a slice of cheddar cheese (1) pt

so good. I really think the key to this weight loss will be taking the foods I love and altering them into a healthier version! So far so good!! Let's hope I keep this going!

There are only 9 months left until my friends wedding! And I need to look good for her pictures!!!!

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