Thursday, February 17, 2011


Last night I decided to make a lasagna. MMMMM. And of course, regular lasagna is not very good for you, so I tried to lighten it up....somewhat. I had 28 points left for the night, and I know my lasagna was NOT 28 points considering a 1 cup serving of meat lasagna is 7 points. That means I would have had to have 4 cups of lasagna. YIKES. I know I didn't. So here is my lasagna:

Sauce: I took 1 jar of tomato basil sauce, Wegmans! and added a can of diced tomatoes (this helped keep the points down since sauce can be heavy in points and the tomatoes aer not)

Cheese: I used one pack of Fat free mozzarella by kraft and then a pack of part skim cheese. I used all of the ff cheese and only used a little of the regular. I also used part skim ricotta, about half a container of a regular small size. I sprinkled garlic powder and lots of italian seasoning into the ricotta to give it some flavor

Meat: ok ok...I used 80/20 ground beef. BAD I know...but it was in the freezer and I had to use it. It's a lot cheaper than the leaner stuff!! But I will not be buying the 80/20 again, it was from before I started ww. But, I cooked that up and drained it in a collinder to decrease the extra fat.

Spinach: I used tonsss of fresh spinach in this. I got it on sale for 99cents and used almost the whole package. It adds extra vitamins and veggies, and you can hardly taste that nasty spinach taste!! haha.

Noodles: I used regular wegmans noodles for this. I plan on using a whole wheat or low carb noodle in the future. I just didn't have any. Also, in the summer, you can make this with thin zucchini slices instead of noodles. I will def be doing that once the zucchini stops looking like shit.

So that's about it. I layered it all up and put it in the oven at 350* for like 30 mins. And out popped this yumminess:

And once that popped out of the oven...this popped up too:

Ohhhhh Kirby.....

So that is it for now. I will prob have this for dinner tonight too! mmmm. And it is going to be nice out!! Even tho this change in weather is making me feel like crap, I am going to try to get outside tonight and take a walk. With the Kirbles.

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