Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A success could mean a lot of things...

One thing that I have learned in my 2 meetings of ww so far, is that a success can be more than just a loss on the scale. I think that I did something great just now! Silly as it may seem to other people.

SO. The story...

These fucking donuts. At Shoprite. SO GOOD. Weird, I know...Shoprite has good donuts I swear! My fav is this one that is like a boston creme only instead filled with white creme. UGH so good! And shoprite makes them perfect! Big and yummy and chewy and fresh and lots of chocolate on top! Well today I was grocery shopping at...shoprite. And there they were. Perfect and yummy looking and extra pretty with pink and red sprinkles for Valentines Day! And what did I do?? I stared them down....and walked by!!! GO ME!

I know it may not seem to be a big deal to walk by a donut and say "NO! I will not eat you today, donut!", but for kinda is! My biggest challenge with ww is going to be will power. Could I have had that donut and wasted tons of my daily points? Yes, I could have. But what would have been the point?

So moral of the story: Me 1, Donut 0. I win!

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