Monday, February 28, 2011

this can't be good

So...tonight is my ww weigh in after a 2 week hiatus. Damnit. I am not feeling confident in myself. There were just wayy too many slip ups these past 2 weeks to feel confident that I lost something. In fact...I am just hoping I didn't gain anything. If I did...I think I would feel like a failure. Because it really isn't that hard to lose weight. Burn more calories than you eat. Simple right? SO WHY IS IT SO HARD FOR ME? I don't get it.

My slip ups this weekend were: popcorn at the movies, a danish at brunch, a wegmans italian sub, chocolate chip macadamia nut pancakes, and the fact that I ate too much on various occasions. These don't even include the slip ups from LAST weekend. I only exercised once this week...yesterday I walked for about an hour.

For some reason I somewhat stopped journaling in my food tracker. I need to stop doing that. Its easy for me to journal during the week at work, but then usually on weekends and weeknights I don't. That is a bad habit and I need to work on that.

In other news....I went shopping this weekend. It was nice to be able to buy things at old navy without having to go online in the plus section. I also bought some new jeans at Lane Bryant that look really good on me. I doubt it's because I lost weight because I haven't even lost alot. I fear the day that I ever become a size 16. That will just open up the options of stores I can shop at. You think I have a shopping problem now??? JUST YOU WAIT.

Anyways...I am very nervous about tonight's weigh in. Basically....even if I lost just 1lb...I will be happy. Pleaseeeeeee....ugh.

Baked chicken, sweet potatoes and brocolli tonight. OH BOY!

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