Monday, February 14, 2011

the week in perspective...

So...tonight is my 3rd week weigh in! I am hoping for a 1.2lbs+ loss. I really want to hit my 10lbs goal tonight. Will I make it?? I HOPE! I feel like I pigged out this week, even though I really didn't. I was so good Tuesday and ate very healthy even though I had class. I was also very good on wed and ate that fish. Thursday is the day I kinda feel bad about. I came home and made me and J omelets. I made myself a 1 egg 3 egg white omelet (3 points) with ham (3pts) and cheese (3pts). Then I made tater tots. Now I don't really know how many points tater tots are, but I looked them up at sonic and they aren't really that bad. A small serving is about 3 pts. Not bad! I however, do not remember how many I had. So I just counted them as 10 points. Even though I KNOW I did not have that many. Thursday night I also made these low-fat blueberry scones. They were not too good because I substituted sugar for splenda. Even though they weren't great I had 2 of them for 6pts each. Needless to say, I probably went over for the day. It prob isn't a big deal that I went over since we have 49 extra pts to use per week.
Friday I was good again. Kinda. I came home from work and made buttermilk ranch dressing from scratch. It's a ww recipe and 1 pt per serving. It is soooo yummy. So I made a huge salad that night. I baked some chicken breasts and put them on the salad with the ranch, cheese, and some baked tortilla chips to give it some crunch! It was a delicious and ww friendly meal!!! But then....later that night....high on life....I ate a huge bowl of cereal. DUMB.

Saturday was probably my worst day. I was going to DE to see my friends and we went to friendly’s for lunch. They have this new under 550 calorie menu so that was def helpful. I got a chicken sandwich from it and it was only 14 pts. High, but not too bad for eating out. I also got their light sundae that is ff vanilla frozen yogurt with strawberry topping (7pts) but it was gooood and worth it. I mean who can go to friendly’s and not get ice cream?? So I was glad they offered a healthier choice. Saturday night me and J went out to one of our favorite restaurants....Treno. It is so good. It's like an upscale pizza place. They have this appetizer called crostini and it is their home made ricotta, crostini, marinated mushrooms, and roasted peppers. So good. So I had that. J got calamari...I had like 2 small pieces of that. Then we got a mushroom and pepperoni pizza. The best part is that it was shaped like a heart for Valentine ’s Day!!! It was so cute! I wish I took a picture of it!!! their pizza's are small, kinda like a personal pizza. So I ate half of that. So I probably went over points again. least I didn't use all of my 49 weekly points! So that is good!

Yesterday I felt bad for eating what I did so I had a sensible breakfast, jimmy dean d-light breakfast sandwich for 6 pts, then a normal size bowl of cereal a few hours later for 8 points. I then went on a nice and long walk around the neighborhood for like an hour. that was nice. I even took Kirby with me! Then I came home and made myself a nice salad with chicken, ranch dressing, cheese, and tortilla chips. Had ww ice cream and an orange for dessert.

All in all I think I did just ok...did I lose enough to make my 10lbs goal?? I HOPE!!!! but we will see tonight at 6pm! Wish me luck!

p.s.- Happy Valentine's Day!! I already told chocolate please! :)

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