Thursday, February 24, 2011

Yummy Hummy!

I just spilled a whole cup of water on my desk. I got my ww pocket guide wet. I'm annoyed. ugh.


Last nights dinner was goooood! I had 27 points left over for dinner. Of course, around 5:15-5:20ish I always come home from work and head for the fridge. This is a very dangerous time for me because I always just grab and eat. Ugh. Last night was not an exception. I came home and made a sandwich. Not the sandwich I planned for dinner, but an extra one as a snack. Um....what? A sandwich isn't a snack, but apparently for is?? I had a ww rye bread (2pts) and turkey (2pts) sandwich with mustard. So a 4pt sandwich. Then like 2 hours later I made my real dinner:

ww rye bread (2pts)
turkey (2-3pts)
swiss (1 slice-2 pts)
grilled that up with olive oil spray (0pts)
then used a small amount of low fat 1000 island dressing (2 pts)
let's round up and say...9pts left.

Then I made a salad. Just bagged salad (0pts) and Italian dressing (2pts per 2tbs). I had no idea how much dressing I had, but it seemed like I ate alot of salad so I made it 8pts.

So...between snack, dinner, and salad I used 21 points. 6 left. So of course...fat ass me wanted to make ANOTHER sandwich. I said NO, and instead ate a ww ice cream for 4pts and called it a day. Old me probably would have had both. So win for me. Technically I had 2 points left for the day. Yesterday was a good day.

In the mail we got a menu for a Mediterranean restaurant. It looked and sounded sooo good. And J even just said he was craving some yummy falaffle. So I think we are headed there tonight for dinner. mmmmm hummus. I have no idea what I will get but I plan on saving at least 27 points for dinner. Everything on the menu looks healthy. A lot of veggie dips and yogurt. Not much fried or stuff loaded in fat. I will have to report back as to how it is! I will def be eating some pita, hummus, tzatziki, and something new.

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