Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Fat Tuesday? More like Fat Everyday!

Happy Fat Tuesday everyone! According to my ww meeting leader today is our day! HAHA!

So last night was my weekly weigh in and I lost...

....1.4lbs for a total weight loss of 14lbs!

Am I happy? I am not sure. I haven't gained, so that makes me happy. However, I should be losing more than 1.4lbs. But of course that is my fault because I ate McDonalds and only exercised 3 times last week. This week I hope to do better because I reallllly want to get to my 15lb goal!!

So last night I created a great alternative to a cheesesteak. And it was delish!

I made myself a chicken cheesesteak with ground chicken (3 pts/4oz), sauteed onions (0pts because I sauteed them in olive oil spray...the best invention ever btw), pickles (0pts for unsweetened pickles), ketchup (2pts per 1/4 cup) , and a whole wheat roll (idk the point value). basically if I don't know the point value of something, I just guess a really high number and call it a day. I probably should have just used the wheat ww rolls for 4 points. But who can resist a yummy artisan whole wheat roll? Obviously not me! mmmm

All in all it was a great cheesesteak alternative (even better that I didn't use cheese!) and it was sooooo good. It is a good idea to create things like this instead of eating the same old stuff every week. Of course I had to buy steakums for the bf, but that just means more chicken for me! And here is the win...I now have leftover ground chicken to use to make myself 2 healthy tacos for dinner tonight before class! WIN and WIN!

My taco includes:

Ground chicken with lower sodium taco seasoning (3pts/4oz)
ww cheese (2pts/1/3 cup)
fat free salsa (0pts)
whole wheat 96% fat free tortillas (2 or 4pts each. I forget if they are fajita size or burrito size)

That is a really low point meal and if I was at home I would probably add sauteed onions and peppers. This meal sure beats the usual fast food I would eat before class! Wow...my day is full of win! Yay!

Ok...so goals for this week...lose at least 1 pound to hit the 15lbs milestone.


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