Thursday, March 3, 2011


So. this week I have been SO good! I have to be considering my .8lb loss over the past 2 weeks! I really need some great results this week to stay motivated and keep losing! My goal is to reach 15lbs lost by next Monday the 7th!

My dinners have been super healthy. Monday and Tuesday I had baked chicken seasoned in 30% lower sodium taco seasoning. Then baked over fat free salsa. Then I put the chicken over fat free refried beans, sprinkled some ww cheddar on the chicken, then poured more salsa on top. SO good. Baking chicken is my new fav thing to do. It just tastes so much better than pan cooking it. Point breakdown:

chicken (3pts/3oz. I believe I had 6-9oz) 9pts
salsa 0pts
ff refried beans (2 pts/1/2 cup. prob had 1 cup) 4pts
ww cheese 3pts

total of 16pts and I felt FULL. So yummy. I had a smaller helping of the leftovers on Tuesday for dinner. Delish and filling. For dessert I have been having smart ones sundaes. UM...bomb. So good. Esp the cookie dough one...mmmm. They are 4pts each.

Last night for dinner I made ANOTHER healthy dinner. GO ME! It was baked chicken in tastefully simple seasoning salt, a baked sweet potato, and broccoli with cheese sauce. I are like "wtf why are you eating broccoli with cheese sauce?". Well...this broccoli with cheese sauce is endorsed by ww and only 2 pts per serving. A good way to eat veggies even if you are using points.

So here is the break down:

Chicken- 10pts about? (When in doubt, always round up. Never down)
sweet potato- 4 pts (it was prob considered a small one for 2pts..but again round up)
broccoli- 4pts (i had more than 1 serving)
total: 18pts.

Seems high but not when you had 25 points leftover for the day! I ate a smart ones sundae and called it a day!

Tonight I am going to experiment by making my very first homemade meatballs. I bought 95% lean ground beef and plan to experiment. Wish me luck!

ohhh by the way...I have worked out both Tuesday and Wednesday. GO ME!!!

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