Friday, March 25, 2011

helllllo weekend

So after my major mess up last weekend, I have been determined to make up for it! I plan on losing at least 2lbs to make up for the 1.8 gain and also lose a little extra!

So far this week I have been extra good. I have been eating below my daily point values (I know this is a bad idea, but I have only been saving 3-5 points!) I have been eating extra healthy and exercising alot!

On Monday and Tuesday it is hard for me to work out because Mondays is the ww meeting and Tuesdays I have class from 5:30-9:30ish. But Wednesday I did make myself go outside and walk for 30 mins in the RAIN. Yup. That's right. I walked in the rain. And it was cold. Yesterday I walked my doggy to the puppy store for his 4th birthday. There we bought him some yummy birthday treats and socialized with other pups. Oh...did I mention that it is 3.4 miles there and back?? Yup. So yesterday I walked 3.4 miles. GO ME! I hope to continue my exercise this weekend and I will def be working out on Sunday. Friday night and Saturday I will be out of town with my friends, so I don't know about how much exercise I will be getting!

My food intake has also been very well! I made that chicken salad that I ate Monday and Tuesday before class. Then on Wednesday I made a 2 egg 3 egg white omelet (5pts) with ham and cheese (3) pts with some sweet potato fries (3) pts and 1 slice of bread (2) pts. So all in all a very filling dinner worth about 18 points. (I forgot to add in the ham (3) and 4 tater tots (2)) Seems high but I had the points saved for dinner plus I earned an extra 3 points from my walk. It was a lot of food so no need for a snack/dessert that night!

Last night J made us hamburgers. And I know you are thinking..."hamburgers?? woman I thought you were trying to lose weight? wth?" Yes. Hamburgers. Made with 95% lean beef. So let me break this down for you so you can learn something:

(1) 3oz Hamburger patty- 3pts
(1) whole wheat bun- 4 pts
ketchup-1 (2pts 1/4 cup)
pickles- 0
total: 8pts

And let me tell you....SO good. When you buy quality ingredients, it really makes a difference in taste. I ended up eating 2 burgers...the 2nd no ketchup so 15 points. I paired them with some sour cream and onion popchips (5pts...3pts for 22 chips. I didn't count how many I had but I know there are exactly 3 servings in the bag and there are still some left after already eating a serving last week). So all in all I had a very filling meal that was also satisfying for 20pts (was probably less...but when in doubt..round up!!!). I had 28pts left over for dinner plus around 6pts from my long walk....34pts leftover. I used 20. 14pts leftover for the day!!!

So as you can see I have been a very good girl this week! Now here comes the test. I am going away for the weekend with some of my best friends. We are responsible for dinner tonight and tomorrow. Breakfast tomorrow is a continental breakfast by the hotel. I hope to eat some cold cereal and fruit (healthy!!) then tomorrow for lunch they are getting pizza. That is fine as long as I eat it in moderation. I plan on bringing plenty of healthy snacks with me. Popchips, popcorn, 100 calorie packs, and lots of water! This will help me stay on track!!!

I hope to have an awesome, healthy and fun weekend with the girls! Wish me luck!

Sunday I am def going to be walking my ass off.....literaly. :)

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