Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I am so full of WIN!

    So last nights weigh in......I AM SO HAPPY!!!!!!

      I lost 3.6lbs....for a total of 18.6lbs in 9 weeks!!! I WILL TAKE IT!!! My goal is always to lose weight, but this week I had a special goal: lose more than 1.8lbs in order to lose the lame weight I gained last week plus more! AND I DID IT!!!! This is just the kind of week I need to stay on track!

        p.s- I have a new trick. On Mondays I will now either a) walk to my meeting location or b) go to the meetings way early, park my car, and walk before the meeting. I did this last night! You never know...you could shave another .2lbs off right before the weigh in!!!! :) GOAL this week: Lose 1.4lbs to make it to 20lbs lost!!!!! :)

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