Monday, March 7, 2011


So apparently I suck at life. I do so well with my ww during the week and then the weekend just messes it ALL UP. GRRRR. I was doing so well until Friday.

Thursday night I ended up making leftover chicken breast with a can of diced tomatoes. Yup...that's it! Super healthy and yummy.

Friday I ate DD egg white flatbread (7pts) with a medium coffee (2 pts, sweet n low and milk) for breakfast. Then for lunch I met up with J and we had saladworks. I had romaine, chicken, feta, tomatoes, and cucumber with Italian dressing (1 spoon of dressing, never 2...7pts). Then for dinner we had Mediterranean again. Hummus, feta, pita, falafel, and honey coconut cake for dessert. I had a lot of points left so I probably didn't go over on Friday.

UGH. Saturday. My worst day. Always my worst day. Started off ok with a Jimmy Dean D-light breakfast sandwich for 6 points. Then went to my friends house for a scrapbook day. I had chips, 3 mini sandwiches with mayo, and brownies. MMM not just any brownie. Those damn grocery store brownies with the icing on top. SO GOOD. I didn't have one big piece, more like many little bite size pieces. Still bad. And to top of the day of crap....I had McDonalds for dinner. I had a quarter pounder-no cheese (11 pts) and a medium fry (11 points) so a total of 22 points. I am not sure if I went over, but I probably did. However, I do have those 49 extra weekly points. Who knows if I used a lot of them or not.

Sunday I did better. For breakfast I made 3 egg whites and 1 egg (3pts) and wegmans bacon. This bacon is low fat and salt and tastes so good. It's 3 pieces for 2pts. Then I had 2 pieces of ww toast (2pts). A yummy breakfast for a total of...7pts. For lunch I had cereal and a ww ice cream haha. Then for dinner I made homemade meatballs out of 95% lean ground beef ($$$) and spaghetti. I also had a salad. Did I go over yesterday?? I am not sure. I didn't really count. But I hope not.

Tonight is my weight in. I exercised 3 days this week and I hope I lost at least 1 pound. I guess we will find out tonight!!!

p.s.- damn McDonalds. At least I haven't had that f*cking donut yet.....

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