Tuesday, March 22, 2011

major FAIL

Wow. What a disappointment. And do you know what really sucks? I have nothing/no one else to blame but ME. I usually like to make excuses and blame my issues on someone else, but nope...not this time. I am taking full responsibility (yes, I know...we should all expect to ice skate home, hell just froze over. I get it.)! This is the first time in 8 weeks that I have let myself down and can honestly say that I am not proud of myself. At all. It's a bad feeling when someone lets you down, but it's even worse when that someone is you.

Obviously my weigh in didn't go too well last night. I actually GAINED 1.8lbs. Who does that? Seriously. I know what made me gain the weight, but that isn't an excuse. In ww they always say you will yo-yo and that you have lost 500lbs because you lose the same pound over and over and over. I need to just realize where I messed up and move on.

Did you know that (1) jigger/shot of vodka is 4pts? HOLY SHIT! Oh...and last weekend I was drinking double vodka diets! Hello 8pt drinks. Yeah..never again. That is a cheeseburger from McDonalds.

The only lessons I learned from this is #1 I have no self control at parties and #2 I can not drink on this program. I can't. Ever. It leads to dangerous unnecessary territory (revert back to #1).

My next drink will be at my friends wedding in October when I am wearing my size 16 brides maid dress (and 10 layers of spanx).

So obviously this week will be an important week for me. GOAL: lose 2lbs, the 1.8 I gained plus .2. The weather is crappy so I am really going to have to stay on track with my food intake. Exercise might not be as much this week as usual.

Last night I did make a healthy dinner that I will also be eating tonight before class. I saw the recipe on the food network on the show 5 ingredient fix.

I baked (3) chicken breasts with garlic garlic from tastefully simple. Then you chop up some grapes, red onion, and celery. Add a container of fat free greek yogurt and boom...you have chicken salad. It was good too! Even J liked it! And super low in points! A whole container of fat free greek yogurt is only 3 pts for 1 cup, grapes (0), onion (0), celery (0), chicken (3)/3oz. So basically my dinner was (6) points plus the (2)pt whole wheat tortilla I had to make a wrap. Pretty awesome.

Starting the week on a healthy track.

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