Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My Saviors

There are 3 things on this planet that are saving my fat booty from becoming fatter. And they are:

1. Smart Ones Pepperoni Pizza Minis
2. Sour Cream and Onion Popchips
3. WW Ice Cream

Having those three things in my life, give me hope. Example:

I was in shoprite today (home of the donut) to pick up some lunch because I just did not want to eat smart ones alfredo again for the 3rd day in a row. My mind was set on walking in there and picking up some pizza minis. I walk in, and am punched in the face with the bakery smell. UGH. Smells so good. I walk past the deli and see that they have my favorite soup today! Seafood bisque...aka poison. Also, shoprite has some yummy tuna subs. So right then I was like mmmmmmmmmm seafood bisque and tuna sub for lunch? Oh...and if I am eating bad I mine as well go all out and get a donut too! A nice yummy one with green sprinkles for St. Patricks Day! It can be my yummy treat for the week.

BAD IDEA. And for will power took over. I decided that since I have smart ones pizza minis and popchips to look forward to for lunch, that I didn't need all that bad food.

Let's get a visual:


Seafood Bisque-9pts 1cup
Tuna sub-12-18pts
donut- 9pts
total: 30-36pts

My lunch:

Smart Ones Pepperoni Pizza Minis- 7pts
popchips- 3pts
Pineapple coconut ff yogurt- 2pts
Golden Delicious apple- 0pts
total: 12 points

Looks like I win! And I still have points to have a 3point snack later and still have 25 points left over for tonight.

I am starting to like this thing called will power!

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