Monday, March 28, 2011

nerd. and loving it!

This weekend was so much fun! What could be better than hanging out with your best friends doing a hobby that you ALL enjoy doing?? And I know I am a major nerd, but that hobby was scrapbooking. Yes...we all went away to go scrapbooking. No judgement. It's not my fault that I'm awesome and go on amazing trips to Italy and Hawaii that need to be scrapbooked! So back off and be jelly. I already know I am a nerd :) So anyways...I knew this weekend would be filled with food temptations and junk. And I am proud to say that I did pretty well. Not great, but ok! I brought tons of healthy snacks so that I could avoid chips and bad for me food that others brought. That helped. I ate popchips instead of yummy kettle chips someone else brought. Friday night I had a sub from an awesome DE sub place that my sister bought for me. It was fresh turkey, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles, and hot peppers. Mayo on the side and I didn't put that much on. Ate some popchips and drank water and that was my dinner! For breakfast the next day they had yummy looking waffles. I had some raisin bran and milk. And a banana and peanut butter. So I was glad I could resist the yummy looking 10+point waffle. For lunch we had pizza. I had (2) slices of cheese and (1) pepperoni. These pizzas were small so the slices weren't that big. Someone also made an awesome salad with lettuce, cherry tomatoes, cheese, Doritos and fat free italian dressing! I had alot of that but figured since it had ff dressing and a little cheese and a few Doritos it was ok. For dinner me and J went to a dinner and I had a greek salad. I may have gone over my points but I know I didn't go over my 49 extra points.....I HOPE! promised...I walked my ass off. For over an hour! And it was a beautiful day and I enjoyed every minute of it!!! I am not sure how far I walked but it was more than 2.8 miles. :) Tonight is weigh in and I am hoping for a better result than last week. I want to lose 2lbs. Pleaseeee that's all I want! I even plan on going to my meeting early and walking around town until weigh in at 6pm. An extra little walk couldn't hurt!!! So here is hoping that I lose at least 1.8lbs to make up for last weeks failure plus a little extra more :)

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