Monday, March 14, 2011

No green beer...only water.

So this weekend was St. Patricks Day celebrations. I usually would go out and get completely bommed on green beer and irish car bombs all day. This year, because I am old and boring...I stayed home. Borrrrring.....but think about all the points I saved!!

Green Beer: 5pts (12oz)
Lite Green Beer: 3pts (12oz)
Guinness: 2pts (12oz) surpisingly low!
Baileys Irish cream: 3pts (1.5 oz...shot?)

So let's see a day of drinking usually entailed 3-4 irish car bombs (15-20pts), 4-5 light beers (12-15 pts). So you are talking 27-35 pts for one day of drinking. And that doesn't even count the drunk food you will be eating. YIKES. Glad I stayed home!!!

This weekend I did...OK. Friday me and J went to lunch at a diner and I had a pastrami Reuben (BAD ME, I know) and it was delicious. A Reuben is about 18points. I ate half of it, but had fries. Then for dinner we got pizza...pepperoni and mushroom. I had pieces...16 pts and a cheese slice for 7pts. So 23 pts for dinner. I probably went over, but that's ok. I always allow myself 1 day to eat what I moderation. 3 pieces may not seem like moderation, but I used to eat 4 or even 5!!!

Saturday I did well. Cereal for breakfast, the rest of my Reuben, more cereal, and then for dinner I had a piece of baked chicken, a sweet potato, and broccoli. So over all, I did not go over...I don't think.

Sunday I did well also. For breakfast I had :

1 egg 3 eggwhties (3pts)
4 slices of bacon (2 pts/3 slices of low fat bacon. I just said 4 slices was 5pts)
bagel thin (3pts)

Then for some reason I wanted pancakes from Hawaii in the middle of the day. So I made 2 small chocolate chip macadamia pancakes. They were good. I made those 10 points.

Then for dinner I had a sub from wegmans. I think it was 18points (YIKES) with some pop chips. Then for dessert I had an apple with a little peanut butter.

So I am not sure if I went over or not. Seems like I had a not so great always. BUT I did walk Friday, Saturday, and Sunday! 2.6 miles each day for a total of 7.8 miles! I hope that was able to outweigh all the bad stuff I did this weekend. I guess we will find out tonight!!!

All I need is 1 pound to reach my 15lbs goal...

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