Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Woo Hoo!

So...last night was weigh in. I wasn't entirely sure how it would go. I did eat pizza and buffalo wings this weekend. oops.

I LOST 4.8lbs....for a total of 23.8lbs!!!!!!! HOLY SHIT! I had no idea my loss was going to be that big!! I still can't believe it actually. I think it's being a dickhole and lying to me. Seriously. I mean I did work out this week, but I had no idea I would lose 4.8lbs in one week!!! AHHHH so happy! I needed this after last weeks pathetic .4lb loss.

And wow....23.8lbs lost. I can finally feel proud of my self. Here are just a few reasons:

1. I lost 23.8lbs since 1/24/11.

2. Usually I would have given up by now...and I totally haven't! And I wont everrr.

3. I can button jeans that I could not button 3 months ago. :)

4. I finally lost all that lame weight I gained and can honestly start feeling like I have lost something!

5. Two people have already told me they can tell I have lost something!!!

6. I feel great! I don't feel sluggish and disgusting anymore.

7. I am starting to feel full faster. My food intake has def decreased. By ALOT!

8. I can walk faster and longer than I have been able to in awhile.

9. I am less than 8lbs away from a huge ww milestone (according to them)

10. I feel healthier and most of all I feel more confident in myself. Knowing I can lose weight the right way is a huge ego booster. It makes me feel like I can do anything I want to as long as I work hard!

So that pretty much sums up my ww status for now. I may be missing 3 upcoming Monday meetings (passover, Easter, Atlanta), but I may go to a different meeting run by my meeting leader that is on Wednesday but still close to my apartment. It may be important to keep going and not just skip these meeting because I have things to do those nights. I need to stay on track!

So, long story short it was a great night last night! I am so happy with myself and I want to continue on this path!

Size 14 here I come baby!!

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