Saturday, April 9, 2011

I love shopping.

I just spent 4 hours in Nordstroms. Crazy. Yes, I know. But I can't help it. I love shopping and I especially LOVE shoes!!! I am scared for the day I make it into a size 14. I will need counseling because I will buy everything. I'm not joking, I really mean everything.

Today alone I spent $300, and I didn't even buy clothes!!! One of my purchases was bitter sweet due to the fact that in my 26 years of life, I have never bought my own sneakers. dad always got them for me for free. Spoiled brat. Yup, and I love it.

So today was my very first time buying sneakers and I wanted pink and black ones. Did I find them?

Ohhh I found them all right:

cuuuuuuuute! Love love! I figured that since I want to get serious about working out, that it is ok to spend $100 on these sneakers. I look at it as an investment! I want to look good and feel good while I am walking!

p.s.- I walked 3miles+ this morning. And walking around the mall and Norstroms I bet I added 2 more!

Mission accomplished.

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