Tuesday, April 5, 2011

a loss is a loss

I didn't reach my goal last night, but I am ok with that. My goal was to lose 1.4lbs to make it to a total of 20lbs lost. Instead I only lost .4lbs. BUT THAT IS OK! A loss, is a loss. Any loss is welcomed by me. Even if it isn't enough to equal half a pound.

When I do bad, I get motivated, even more so than when I do well. It's weird. When I do bad I get annoyed at myself and it makes me want to lose even more! So this week I am soooo motivated!! No burgers, no pizza (eek...maybe pizza), no candy, no bullshit. Straight up program this week. And exercise. I need to lose at least 2lbs. That is my new goal this week, and I hope to achieve it!

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