Monday, April 4, 2011

toss up

I have no idea if I lost any weight this week or not! It's a toss up.

I couldn't walk as much as I would have liked to due to the weather. I did however take every nice weather opportunity and took advantage of it. I walked 3 miles on Saturday as well as walking 500 miles around Philly with friends. On Sunday I walked my normal 2.6 miles.

Food this week hasn't been the best. I did eat healthy most days, but then I slipped up a bit too. Thursday night me and J had pizza, garlic knots, and anti pasta. Friday we had hummus, feta, pita, and fallafle. Saturday I had a deliciously bad for me burger and tots. MMMM.

I suppose tonight we will see if I met my 1.4lbs goal. I am not sure, but I am not too confident!

This week I must do better!!

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