Monday, April 18, 2011

What a weekend!

This weekend was awesome!! Not only in a personal and fun way but also a weight loss and exercise way *I hope*. I will find out tonight about the actual weight loss but I worked hard this weekend! I hope it shows!

The best thing this weekend brought tears to my eyes. It may sound silly but it was the best thing ever. I went to my bffs house on Saturday to visit with my friends and their babies. My bff has a son who is 7 or 8. You know how kids are...they say things like "why is that girl fat" or "you're fat". Kids being kids. And I am sure by bffs son has said something along those lines to me before. WELL on Saturday when I walked in the door this kid said "You look skinny!" I was like...whaaaat?? I got so happy and my bff was like " I swear I did not tell him to say that!". It made me so happy because no one has ever said that to me! Especially a kid!! I know it's something small but it made me feel so happy and good about my efforts!! YAY!

So that was win #1. Win #2 is the fact that Thursday, Friday, Saturday, AND Sunday I went walking for over an hour each day as well as walking 2.6-3miles each time. I also started to RUN! It felt so good. I worked out alot this week and I am determined to get some good results! But we will see tonight!

I also did some experimenting in the kitchen yesterday. I have Passover dinner tonight and I was told to bring a dessert that is kosher for Passover. Basically anything with bread is a no no. Well it's pretty hard to bring a dessert that doesn't have some sort of cake!!! So I was at Wegmans looking around their kosher Passover section (which is huge considering Cherry Hill, NJ is Jew city and where I am from there are like 5 in the whole state of DE). I found some kosher fudge cake for $18. UMMMMMMMMMM NO. So I kept looking and found a coconut macaroon pie crust. Hmmmm. I remembered seeing a ww recipe for a lemon pie. DING! So that is what I decided to make. It's pretty easy with only a few ingredients. Lemons, fat free sweetened condensed milk, and eggs. (The recipe also gives a list of butter and graham crackers for the crust but I bought 2 already made ones. Macaroon and reduced fat graham.)

Then all you do is mix the milk with the 2 eggs and mix them well. Then you add 1/2 cup of fresh lemon juice and 1tbs of lemon zest. The first pie I made I used the reduced fat graham. That pie is for my personal use. I didn't add 1/2 cup of lemon juice because the damn lemon I bought only provided me less than 1/4 a cup. haha. So I just went without the full asking amount. It def tasted lemony but not as strong. The second pie I made the lemon produced more juice and I put a lot of zest in it to kick up the lemon flavor. I hope it tastes good because that is the one I'm bringing to the Passover dinner tonight! I also hope that lemon and coconut go well together considering the crust is a macaroon. oops. Once you combine all ingredients just pop it in a 350* oven for 15 mins and out pops yumminess.

The one in the front is for the dinner. It looks soooo good. I have learned two things from Paula Dean. #1- When bringing a dish, you should put something pretty on top to show the flavors of the dish. Since this is a lemon pie, I put a piece of lemon on top to show the lemon flavor. #2- never eat her food. Once the pies were cooked they turned into a custard type pie. A LOW FAT custard type pie. MMM even better! I ate a slice with some fat free cool whip and it was love.

At ww they always say that if you are told to bring something to a gathering that you should bring something that you can eat and not worry about everyone else. So that is what I did. I am sure my family will love it because my dad loves everything I make and the rest of my family are skinny people who eat healthy. If they don't like it...oh well to damn bad. So that was my weekend. It was a great one! I made some good choices and I hope to see the results tonight! I am aiming for a 1.2lb loss so I can hit the 25lbs lost goal!!!

Wish me luck :)

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