Tuesday, May 17, 2011

back in the game

Today I went walking for the first time since Atlanta...that's probably almost 2 weeks!!! YIKES. No good. But...I went today for a 40 minute/2.6 mile walk. It felt good.

Then I came home and ate this:

UM hello...YUM!! SO good and not bad for you at all! And yes...I ate both. :)

If you are doing ww or counting calories or whatever the hell you are doing...you need to introduce yourself to "Flat-outs". They are a wrap type thing and the lite ones are ONLY 2 POINTS!!! That is insane and ohh so awesome. Each pizza has a crust that is only 2 points. Most the time the points from pizza are because of the crust...but not my beauties!

Point break down:


sauce- 1pt 1/4 cup

cheese- always use part skim mozz- 2pts 1oz or 6pts 1 cup

fresh basil-0pts

And that's it. A yummy pizza for less than 11 points (depending on how much sauce and cheese you use). That is awesome! I had two of these to fill me up and I still have enough points for a cardboard ice cream cone with frozen yogurt.

What a great day...now just need to keep it up!

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