Monday, May 9, 2011

No Excuses

I got back from Atlanta on Thursday, so no more excuses. Time to buckle back down. Tonight is my first weigh in since April 18. Yikes...that's a long time. At the last weigh in they said I gained almost 3lbs and I am expecting another gain tonight. I haven't been tracking my points and well...Saturday I just f*cked myself hard. I met up with friends in Philly and drank way too much Sangria. OH! And did I mention that on my way home, still buzzed of course, I stopped at McDonalds!!! (Yup that's right B & S, I know you read this LOL. Those sangria's lead to bad territory). But...yummy delicious I haven't had you since January and I won't have you again until November territory!

I was home in the 302 last night for mothers day and I decided to weigh myself on the scales at my parents house. I used both and both said I was 4lbs LIGHTER than my weigh in on April 11 (p.s.-I do not count the April 18th weigh in bc it was a bad one and I ran out of there. Plus the stupid girl messed up my record. So I pretend it didn't happen). So...if I weighed myself on 2 scales and both said the same thing, then I am hoping that the ww scale will join the club and also say I have lost. But...I am not getting my hopes up because I am pretty sure that is not the case.

So starting today I am 100% back on the ww program, no cheating. Wish me luck...I just hope I am still under that scary number!!!

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