Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Really ww? Really??

So I go to my weigh in last night expecting the worst, but hoping for the best. And well...lets just say that I am completely shocked with the results. Somehow between the burgers and tot nachos (yes, tot nachos are really as amazing as they sound. Thank you man v. food) in Atlanta, I managed to LOSE weight. I can't believe it! When I work my butt off working out and eating right, I gain 2.8lbs. When I am away eating out every night...I manage to lose 3.8lbs. Really ww?? This program f*cks with my head!!

Basically since I do not count the week that I gained that embarrassing 2.8lbs, I really lost 1lb since my weigh in on 4/11 and my lowest weight so far. I WILL TAKE IT! HELL YES I WILL!! So total I have lost 24.8lbs. YAY! No where near where it should be, but hey...that's kinda alot!

So my goal this week is to keep on track! Work out whenever I can and eat healthy! I want to get over the 25lb hump because I have been hovering around it for almost a month!

p.s.- if I didn't chug Sangria with my bffs on Saturday and then eat McDonalds.....I could have lost more. Lesson. Learned.

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