Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Today...I am Giada.

I just made the yummiest meal everrrr.

So simple. So good. So "healthy". I am a big fan of making one thing and then using it for several meals. I made meatballs and sauce last night for dinner. I ate them again tonight and will eat them again tomorrow before class.

Meatballs are something that I have never made from scratch. I used to always buy the silly bagged things. Um...can you say fat? Those are usually packed with fat and don't even taste that great. I have even tried the turkey meatballs and those are still packed with unneeded fat.

I have recently discovered the wonderful thing that is fresh 95%/5% ground beef. Yes I pay about $16 for 3lbs, but it is so worth it!! Just look at these stats!

80/20- 12oz uncooked=21pts

95/5- 12 oz uncooked=13pts

That is a HUGE difference. When I make my meatballs I make them into little 1oz balls and each meatball is only 1 pt!! That is awesome! And they taste great! I just add some salt, pepper, grated cheese (not alot, you don't want to add extra points), italian seasoning, and some bread crumbs (again...don't use alot). Mix these, make your balls, then cook them in the sauce. So good.

Tonight I popped two little meatballs on a ww roll with some fat free mozz and fresh basil. I also made a side caprese salad with fat free mozz, totmato, fresh basil, evoo, and balsamic. YUM.

2 meatballs- 2pts

ww roll- 3pts

ff mozz- 1pt 1/4th cup (no idea how much I really had, so always round up if you're not sure!)
sauce- 3pt 1/2 cup (I prob used half this)

tomatoes- 0
balsamic- 5pts 1 cup- so about 1pt for this
evoo- 1pt 1tsp- so let's round up...2 pts

So total, rounding up...my dinner was 13 points at the most. That is incredible. It was delicious! It is amazing how some simple substitutions can make a huge difference. I couldn't even tell the cheese was ff!

I had 28 points leftover for dinner. I def have enough for my new favorite dessert:

Frozen yogurt in a cone! Do you know why I love it so much? Because the small little cone helps you make the perfect portion! This way you aren't eating a huge serving. And it makes me feel like I'm 6 again! :)

Tonight is the perfect evening to take the doggy for a walk. Life is good.

p.s.- good thing I am Giada tonight...because Paula Dean is frying cupcakes right now.....what?? But damn...they look gooooood!

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