Friday, June 17, 2011

3 Years ago...I Made a Promise

To someone very special to me. Very very special. She told me that I was beautiful and that she was proud of me for trying to lose weight (at the time I was losing a little weight) but that I was beautiful and awesome no matter what. That I could do it and that she knew I was strong enough to accomplish any goal I set forth. She told me never to give up, and I promised her I wouldn't. You see, that was her motto. Never never never give up. At the time, she was fighting stage 4 Melanoma at age 22. She was a fighter and she was strong. She had this way about her. She could influence anyone around her to keep fighting for whatever they wanted. Unfortunately she passed away. Exactly 3 years ago from today. Just because she is gone, it does not mean that she isn't still with me. I think about her everyday and she gives me the determination to continue working towards my goals. I want to do it for her, because she would be proud of me.

She started a 5k called Miles for Melanoma of DE. It usually takes place in September and maybe not this year, but next year I am going to RUN that 5k in her honor. I am determined to do so. I want to show everyone that if you never never never give up on something, then it can and WILL happen. I want to make her proud, because I promised her I would.

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