Thursday, June 16, 2011


Another pre-class dinner! I love showing these pics! It really makes me happy to see how much I have changed. Packing a healthy dinner before class instead of opting for the drive thru! Here we have a 6oz baked chicken breast (6pts) tossed in Franks buffalo sauce (0pts) and some yummy strawberries (0pts). What you don't see is that I also had 16 mini twist pretzels (3pts) and a diet pepsi (0pts). Dinner total: 9pts! And it was enough food to keep me satisfied all through my boring class and I didn't feel the need to have a snack when I got home. YAY!

I was way under in points yesterday. I think I had 13 left over. It isn't good to have that many points left, it means you aren't eating enough food. I will def use all my points today! I am making a steak dinner tonight! YUM!!!

I never made it out to walk on Tuesday because as soon as I got home from started pouring. Figures. I have to make up for that!!! I neeeed to lose at least 1.2lbs this week to reach my goal!

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