Tuesday, June 21, 2011


There is one goal checked off my ww list! I MADE MY 10% last night!!! Actually....I blew past my 10%!

I lost 3.2lbs last night and have lost a total of 33lbs!!!

This is a HUGE accomplishment for me. At times I was a little sad at how slow I was losing weight. I wanted to make my 10% because that means that this is really working! I really am losing weight!! I have lost 1/10 of myself!

When you lose your 10% you get this key chain. You would think that this was made of gold and had Tiffany & Co. written on the back...that is how bad I wanted this baby! AND I GOT IT! YAY! When you reach other goals you will get charms for your key chain. I am supposed to have a 20lbs charm but hey...my ww meeting does things half ass. I still haven't gotten any stickers. HAHA. Oh well.

Now...to keep going until I reach my next goal. 15%.

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