Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Sometimes during random times I realize just how much my lifestyle has changed.

I told an individual last night that I was going to call them out in my blog, and I am soooo going to! She better read this! haha...

I went to visit my older sister yesterday and she made me dinner. It was good but geeze she can't cook healthy!! At all! Now my sister has always been the tall skinny one while I have been the fat one. So not fair. Esp since my sister eats 10lbs of cheese a day. She still is smaller than me! By alot. Well........she cooks bad. We had fajitas last night and she cooked the veggies and chicken in OIL!!! Who does that? I told her to just buy the olive oil spray and cook with that. The chicken was sitting in a vat of taco seasoned oil. Wtf is the point in getting skinless boneless chicken breasts and then cooking them in fat? Oh...we also used 30% less sodium taco

Before dinner we went grocery shopping together and I picked up some ww cheese ("ew gross, I'm not eating low fat cheese it tastes different") and some 98% fat free tortillas ("Why are you getting those? I guess we can all eat them"). As soon as we get home she opens the ww cheese and takes a hand full and eats it (btw...that was prob at least 3pts sis). "This isn't bad!" well duh!!! Of course it isn't bad! She also liked the low sodium seasoning and the 98% ff tortillas. I hope that I helped her understand that just because something is low fat or fat free it doesn't mean that it tastes bad! She should incorporate these changes into her life style. She would be surprised that the little changes make a big difference! She might actually start to lose weight while she works out to zumba once a week!

So...Sissy...if you actually go onto your computers "favorites" and notice I bookmarked my blog and actually read it, 1. don't be mad at me for calling you out. 2. take my advice and make some changes! You will feel better in the end! 3. give my 10 month old nephew/love of my life a kiss for me!

p.s.- I owe you a healthy home cooked meal in NJ. <3 I love you!!! xoxo

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