Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I heart NY

Let me first start out by saying....that I LOVE New York City. I am a city girl and I belong in NY! Walking the streets is my favorite part. People watching, street art, million dollar ads, going into stores I can't afford....love. Love love love.

Now...on to the bad stuff. So my $30 pastrami sandwich lunch, delicious. I'm a jew girl and I have eaten plenty of pastrami. But let me tell you....this sandwich...prob the best I have ever had. Good job Junior's.

(Looking at this makes me want another. oops)

Unfortunately I have no idea what the hotel gym looks like even though I told myself I needed to go after eating that pastrami. However, I do know what portions at the infamous Carmines look like. Yup. I went there, the place where no ww member should ever go. Here's why:

1. Two words. Family. Style.

2. Feeds 3-4.

3. Free delicious bread.

I went on Friday night with my old college roommate and her friend. Yup....3 of us. Going to a family style restaurant. HAHA dumb. We had an hour wait until we could get a table. We sat at the bar. My friend bought me this:

(I like to pretend that I am Carrie Bradshaw when in NYC)

Then...we saw 2 girls order a $20 tiramisu that pretty much looked like a cake. Me: "Wow that looks awesome" Random Girl: "Do you want some? There is no way we will finish this and we can't take it home."

Yup. That's right. We had a huge helping of dessert before we even sat down for dinner. Fat girl check in. When our table was called, we were all somewhat full just from eating the dessert. That should have been a sign to just leave. But...come on. It's Carmines! Everyone who goes to NYC eats at Carmines at least once! So we pursued.

We sat at our table and started munching on some awesome bread. Not just regular bread...more like gucci bread. Pizza bread and olive oil and onion bread. Awesome....at this point I knew my ww plan was doomed. Not only doomed, but ignored.

We all love calamari so we decided to order that as an appetizer. It was a mound of fried goodness. Little bastards. Way too hard to pass up. So of course I didn't.

Then came the lasagna.

In my defense I did not eat a whole lot of lasagna. It was amazing and it was very hard not to keep eating it, but I managed to stop. Mostly because my stomach was so full. I would like to think I had some self control and that is why I stopped...but let's be real. My tummy hurt. Thank g-d I did because the next day I was dying. I felt SO sick!!! I knew it was because I ate too much bad food. My body wasn't used to it. I will not be doing that anytime soon!

Saturday was a little better food wise. I stayed on track most the day. Our meeting had a reception around dinner time and I managed to eat brownies and coconut cake for dinner. Bad move...but again...I was standing up all day and walking around the meeting. Maybe I burned off a bite or two of brownie??

Later that night after work, a co-worker/friend and I went to go see a show! We ended up getting discounted tickets to Mamma Mia. We had an hour before the show and we walked around. Hopefully burning off more brownies haha. It was a great night!!

Sunday I tried to be good. I didn't do all that bad. I ate normal meeting food, nothing too bad. All in all my worst day was def Friday. I am pretty disappointed in myself for indulging so many times throughout the weekend. I mean...I am human and this is going to happen. I wish it was just one day and not 3. Needless to say I did not go to my ww meeting tonight. I didn't want to spend $14 for someone to tell me I gained 3lbs. Esp after I have been doing so well. :( The next meeting I will go to will be on 7/11. I have big plans for that meeting. My goal is to lose 4-5lbs. That is in 2 weeks....I think I can do that! I plan on eating right and exercising often to try to reach my 2 week goal.

At this point I have to acknowledge what I did this weekend and move on. I can't sit here and dwell on what I did and I def can't change it! What I can do, is learn from it. I travel often for work and I need to learn how to eat when I am not doing the cooking. I will be spending a week in Boston the beginning of August, and I can not make these mistakes again! Maybe in Boston I won't indulge as much..but hey...it was NYC baby! Go big or go home right??

Was it worth it........YES. I had an amazing time! But next time....I am staying away from the family style. :)

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