Monday, June 13, 2011

I now...put that sh*t on everything!

Um...hello. I JUST discovered the worlds best condiment. Franks hot sauce of course. SOO good. I bought the buffalo style one and I have not yet stopped eating it. I love buffalo wings...alot. 3 wings can put you back 9 damn points!!! That's alot! Especially when someone can eat 10 in one sitting. I found an awesome alternative...

Grilled chicken breast- 3-6pts
wing sauce- 0pts
light blue cheese dressing- 3pts- 2tbs
light flat out- 2pts

So for 6-11pts you can have a buffalo chicken wrap to satisfy your wing craving and works!! Love it! Tonight I am making buffalo chicken salad! Same concept...but no wrap.

Weigh in comment. Who knows how it will go. Not expecting much considering I went to The Pop Shop in Collingswood Friday afternoon for lunch....(You know...the place where Bobby Flay won the Grilled Cheese throwdown). Yup....30 kinds of grilled cheese. Oops.

Oh wait...Friday I also had a tastefully simple party to go to. My dinner consisted of bite size pieces of almond bread. choice. It gets better.....I ended my night last night with a DQ blizzard. So...long story short.....I am not expecting a wonderful result this week. :(

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