Tuesday, June 7, 2011

It really is just a lifestyle change.....simple right?

WRONG! I mean...yes, it is just a lifestyle change but...it.is.not.simple. Probably the hardest thing in the world to do because if you are "obese" then chances are you are addicted to food. You can deny it all you want but you didn't get fat by looking at the food buddy! Addiction is hard no matter what it is. But let me ask you this.....as a heroin addict, do you have to eat heroin to survive?? NO. As a shopping addict...can you quit shopping for the rest of your life? YES. As a food addict do you have to eat food to survive...yes...can you quit it for the rest of your life....no. This is why it is so hard to stop your food addiction. BUT IT IS POSSIBLE!!! I promise.

I never considered myself to be addicted to food. My mom used to cut out newspaper articles with "over eaters anonymous" meetings listed or support groups catered to that type of thing. UM....embarrassing. Thanks mom. I always got so mad at her for that. SO mad. I was in denial. I was always so embarrassed to admit I had a problem. Until I hit rock bottom 5 months ago. The heaviest I have everrr been (15lbs over the previous heaviest I have ever been. fml). Then it clicked. I really do have a problem and only I can fix it. So I did/am.

Today I am 29.8lbs lighter than I was when I was at rock bottom. I am extremely happy with that success. It has been 5 months on the ww program and yes, I would love to be farther ahead but hey....30lbs?!?! I WILL TAKE IT!! They say you should lose .5-1.5lbs a week. I am exactly on target with an average of 1.57lbs a week. In order to lose weight the right and healthy way, you should stick within those guidelines. I know that this journey will take me a long time. I am expecting to reach my goal in another 2 years. It took me a long time to gain this weight so I need to accept the fact that it will take me a long time to lose it.

At last nights meeting my leader called me out in front of the whole group. During the "reasons for celebration" (ww code for a good weigh in), my leader says "Julie! I know you had a good weigh in. Even though you said that you did bad these past 2 weeks. Why did you think you did bad? You lost 3lbs!"

Ok...I pigged out these past 2 weeks. I ate what I wanted. Cheesecake factory, pizza, subs, ice cream. I was expecting a gain. For sure. But....after I realized I lose 3lbs...something clicked. I have been pigging out on watermelon, strawberries, half a sandwich at cheesecake factory, 2 pieces of pizza instead of 4, half a sub, frozen yogurt. WOW my life style really has changed. I have completely changed the way I cook, the portions I eat, and make better choices over all. I told the group this and and everyone clapped for me and was so proud of me. It made me feel SO good. DEF a reason for celebration!!! Remember, not all victories are on the scale. That in itself is success in my book!

The key to this journey, I believe, will be having a strong solid support system. I love the fact that every weigh in I text at least 2 people my results and then immediately call my mom on my drive home. Well....when the results are good anyway. This is important because if there is ever a time I am feeling discouraged or think that I can't do it, these people will always be there for me to remind me that I can do it! And I WILL DO IT!

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