Monday, June 20, 2011


I am not sure how I feel about the new layout of Beautiful Chunk. I def like the cupcake background, I just don't know about the color scheme. I was so sick of the pink and the hearts I had to change it! Hopefully you like it too!

So...onto the fat stuff. Tonight is weigh in. Yay! I did pretty well this week so I am anticipating a loss. Hopefully enough to make my 10%! That would be awesome.

I only worked out twice this week. Thursday I walked 2.6 miles and yesterday I walked for 40mins. I should have done more but either my busy schedule or the weather stopped me. Annoying. My food intake this week was outstanding. I ate pizza twice but I did not go over my points either time.

On Thursday I made a yummy meal for me and J. Steak, sauteed spinach, and mashed potatoes.

It was so good! Relatively low in points...for what it is!

Steak- 5pts for 4oz of TRIMMED Strip steak

Potatoes- 3pts for 1/2 cup

spinach- 2pts- sauteed in oil.

I am not sure how many points my meal is...I didn't weigh or measure anything. At the most it was 20 points. And that is rounding way high. I had plenty of points leftover so it was a perfect and yummy dinner! I am going to cook steak again this week with snow peas instead of spinach. YUM!

Hopefully the next post will bring good news about my weigh in!!! better!

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