Thursday, June 23, 2011


I blame my friend. It's all her fault!!

I am currently going to school to get my MBA with a concentration in Marketing & Management. of my bffs just happens to be in my class with me and we had a huge project due last night. A 10 minute presentation where we were to pitch a new company/product to our class with a full integrated marketing plan and schedule. (BTW I beasted mine). wonderful dear friend...decided to launch a CUPCAKE store. Hello....cupcakes. My blog isn't devoted to cupcakes because I hate them people! Of course she had all of these delicious looking cupcake pictures in her slides. Oh but wait...that's not all. She just haaaad to bring in these little bastards as well...

Yup. That is a whole mini reeses on top. Which means this is a HOMEMADE chocolate cupcake with peanut butter butter cream frosting. *Die*.

#1. I LOVE peanut butter and chocolate. Prob the best combination of 2 foods EVER.

#2. I have not had a homemade baked good in 6 months!!

#3. This asshole was more like a FUDGY cupcake. It tasted like fudge. I died.

#4. I ate 2.

Yes....I had 2. Why? because I was about to eat the wrapper of the first one. That is how amazing these cupcakes were.

I do not even want to know how many points these b*tches were. The peanut butter cups alone were probably 3 points for 2! Then the cupcakes were probably 8 points each. So...18-19points just for cupcakes. UGH know what? I am not even worried. You know why? Because ww plans for times like these. That is why I have extra weekly points. Plus...I ate so well during the day that I could probably fit these cupcakes into my daily points allowance, or at least only went over by a few points. I do not feel guilty at all! In fact, the only regret I have is that I didn't save one for today! Because after talking about this...I really want to tear one up right now!

p.s.- NYC this weekend for work. Hoping my new lifestyle changes will help me stay on track and I can still have a good weigh in on Monday. :)

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