Thursday, June 9, 2011

remember when...

I used to eat McDonald's at least once a week before class? Usually in the car, usually ALOT of food. I would get either a quarter pounder meal or a third pounder meal with fries and a large sweet tea...oh wait.....a crispy chicken snack wrap too. So that is...

medium fries- 10pts
quarter pounder- 13pts
Angus deluxe- 20pts
ranch snack wrap- 9pts
large sweet tea- 8pts

HOLY SHIT. So basically I would eat 40-47 points depending on what burger I got...and that was only dinner! I am disgusted by that. Now...I do love me some McDonald's. Not even gunna lie. But from now on...I am opting for a 7pt cheeseburger to satisfy the craving...and I am not going to be eating it any time soon!

Here is what I had for dinner instead...

95% lean ground beef- 10pts (I am not sure how much I had, so round up!)
fat free refried beans- 2pts (1/2 cup)
salsa- 0pts
pear- 0pts

Even with me rounding up I only had a 12 point dinner...ALOT better than a 47 point dinner. Plus I was full and satisfied for the rest of the night. I drank 2 bottles of water during my class and did not feel the need to have a snack all night! The beans really fill you up, and they are delicious! I made me and my bf tacos last Friday and packaged up that little meal because I knew I would need dinner before class. When you cook something healthy and yummy, you should always try to pack up leftovers in case you are in a situation that you need a quick dinner. Anything is better than going through that drivethrough! And if you must grab something quick....opt for one of subways 6inch 6gram of fat or under subs or grab a salad at saladworks! Still deliscous and so much better than fast food drive throughs!

P.s.- I managed to eat that messy dinner. In the car. On the highway. Going 70mph. And managed to keep my white dress clean! Now that is talent!!!!

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