Thursday, July 14, 2011

Eat Fresh!

That is the ww theme this week. Eat Fresh! Buy in-season produce and try new things! So....I did/am.

First off....I LOVE WEGMANS. If anyone is fortunate enough to live within 30 mins of a Wegmans...please go. My parents always tease me when they call...they always ask if I am in Wegmans....because I am always there. It is an amazing store...and surprisingly cheap! Well...some things. Like FF milk is $2.60/gallon and a huge loaf of whole wheat bread is only $1.99. Their specialty items are not so cheap...for example their 95/5 ground beef burgers set me back $8 for four of them (well worth it though! d-lish!!)! They have amazing quality fish, meats, a HUGE cheese section, specialty diet sections and more! Love it.

Now...on to new things.

Every time I'm in Wegmans I see a new awesome product and decide to try it. A while ago it was Popchips (love them. 3pts/serving), then came the Franks Red Hot Buffalo Wing Sauce (Addicted. 0 pts). Two weeks ago I decided to try yogurt dressing. SO DAMN GOOD. It's half the calories and fat of regular dressing but tastes exactly the same as full fat dressing goodness. Me and J tried Ranch so that we could make our buffalo chicken salads (grilled chicken, franks, lettuce, baked tortillas, onions, cucumber. awesome.). I was also eating it last night with cut up pieces of zucchini. It was such a yummy snack! I will now always buy Ranch Yogurt dressing. Light ranch tastes terrible and still isn't really healthy. The yogurt dressing isn't thaaat healthy but it's about 90 calories and 7g of fat for 2 tbs. Not bad!! It will cost you around $2.99 and you can find it in the fridge in your grocery stores produce section! Try it! You will love it!

While I was shopping this week I also came across POPCorners. I am guessing they are the corn sister of the POP Chip. Well...they were $1.99 so I decided to try them. I am soooo glad I did! I picked up the white cheddar flavor and they will set you back about 4pts/1oz serving. I am not entirely sure how many chips you get for 1oz, but there are 5 servings per bag so I figure if I split the bag into 5...each time I eat them....4pts. Taste wise they kinda taste like white cheddar popcorn but crunchier. Yum. I eat them for lunch and they hit the spot every time! If you see them....try 'em! They also come in Jalapeno Cheddar and I really want to try those next!

(Do you see my new seersucker dress?? :D )

What else did I try new this week..hmmm.....oh yeah! Yesterday around 12:30pm my parents call to let me know that they will be visiting me in NJ that night! YIKES! Obviously I offered to cook them dinner so now I have to deliver. As I explained in my last dad is me, I am my dad. We like the same things. So obviously he loves to eat and appreciates good food. The only difference is that my dad weighs 180lbs and I do not! (yet hehehehe). So I started thinking what I could make for them out of what I had at home. I am broke and couldn't afford to make some amazing meal so I was left to scrounge up some things that I already had at home. While I was at Wegmans this week I decided to eat fresh (thank you ww) and try something new I never really cooked...zucchini! So I had some of that on hand and I decided to make grilled zuccini and chicken with some mashed potatoes and a salad. YUM! All I did was sprinkle some fresh ground pepper and fresh ground garlic sea salt over the chicken and zucchini and plopped them on my grill pan. I let them cook while I whipped up some fake add water garlic mash (surprisingly good and about 5pts/1cup maybe?). Then I opened a bag of salad, cut up some onion, put on some ranch yogurt dressing and called it a meal! It was surprisingly good and my mom and dad ate it all up. :( I didn't even have enough left over for my dinner tonight before class!!! lol. oh well. I am glad they enjoyed it so much. I love cooking for's a high when you cook for someone and they love what you made!

So...a long story short...try new things! There are millions of products out there on the shelves so open up your mind and taste buds and try something new! You may even discover something that you love!

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