Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Emotional. Roller. Coaster.

It's been awhile since I have updated....that is because I haven't really been up for a blog entry. Nothing too great to even blog about.

Basically it was my nephews 1st birthday party (awwww) last weekend and the old me showed up to crash the party. That dumb fat b*tch. She ate everything in sight...then went back for secon...wait....thirds. I really messed up so obviously I do not need to mention that I skipped my ww weigh in on Monday. I am happy to say I am back on track and looking forward to another great weigh in Next Monday the 1st.

So...I found a new diet last night. It's called the break up diet. My boyfriend and I called it quits last night and not only did I lose my 2.5 year relationship...but I also lost my appetite. I couldn't eat anything basically all day. I am pretty sure all I had was a salad and a peach all day. I finally made myself eat some special k/fiber one this morning and I am feeling better today. However, I wonder if you burn calories from crying? Hmm...anyways. Who knows what is going on in my personal life...I am sure we will work things out. Possibly stay together for the long haul, but as for now I am a confused 26 year old going through a mid 20s life crisis. Has anyone else been here?? Because it sucks and I am wondering if it's just me not knowing what I want and where I want to go. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Anyways...enough of the depressing bullsh*t.

I found a new current obsession thanks to my friend KK who is also losing weight. She started using My Fitness Pal....AMAZING. You can track your calorie intake and your daily exercise. It tells you exactly how many calories you have eaten all day and how many you have left. It has an AMAZING food data base that basically has the nutrition facts for every food imaginable!'s FREE! Love it. My favorite part about the site is that they have progress tickers and counters. As you can see...I have added them to my blog in the side bar. As of right now it says 0lbs because I used my starting weight. Tomorrow it should be updated. Looking forward to logging into my blog and seeing my progress staring me down everyday!

Check them out... They also have an ap that is pretty awesome as well.

Looking forward to a LOOOONG and mind clearing work out tonight on this beutiful day. I am sure it will help me feel better. Trying to stay in the positive.

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