Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Last nights weigh in.....AWESOME! I lost 3lbs for a total of 37.2lbs!! WOW! 37.6lbs. I am starting to really feel like I am accomplishing something. Finally getting to a place where I have never been. I think the most I have ever lost was like 20 something. So this is GREAT! :D

For the first time, my pants yesterday were loose. I am hoping it is because I am getting smaller, but I am not sure if maybe I had worn them before and made them loose...aka dirty haha. They smelled clean...so maybe they were just loose!! That would be nice.

Lets see...what else. Oh yeah! This weekend I bought (2) 5lb weights so that I can start exercising my arms. They are so fat and flabby and I def want to try to tighten them up so that I don't look like a freak in this bridesmaid dress. I usually never wear sleeveless shirts because of my arms. My mom-mom had these arms. And I love her dearly and admire how amazing she was and would be honored to be anything like her....but....did I have to get her arms??? Thanks mom-mom....I still love you and miss you! xoxo. The arm workouts start tonight!

In other news....I am still trying new things. For example: I AM SO TIRED OF BAGGED SALAD!! Yes....salad from the bag. I wanted to try something new. Last night I made those awesome 95/5 burgers for me and J and I paired it with my new and improved bagged salad. It still came from a bag....BUT...it was broccoli slaw!! It was shredded pieces of broccoli, cabbage, and carrots that came in a bag so that you could make cole slaw with it. Well...I am not a huge coleslaw fan unless it is on top of a pastrami sandwich (mmmm). I added a whole cucumber to it as well as some onion. I would have added some red pepper too, but I forgot. I then added some ranch yogurt dressing (I found out the dressing is only 2pts/2tbs!!!). And there you go...a new and improved bagged salad. The taste and texture was different....a very awesome and yummy different! Even J liked it. When I told him the concoction I was making he was like "eww gross." Then he tried it and liked it!! So go me. I LOVE being creative in the kitchen and trying new things! WW will never be boring as long as you mix it up!

p.s.- I am 37% closer to my Christian Louboutins! <3

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