Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I am so motivated right's awesome. It's really funny how having a great weigh in motivates me just as much as having a shitty one. So basically I have to result in one of the two extremes in order to stay motivated. Having an OK weigh in just wont cut it anymore! haha...

Yesterday I knew I wanted to have a great day...and I did! I was on cloud 9 all day and I really just couldn't wait to leave work and have a great work out! I got home and of course it was storming out. Annoying. That always happens to me...whenever I am really obsessing over working out...the weather stops me. Well....I guess you can't blame it on the weather because I could have danced to dance central on the kinect or something else inside...but it's not the same! I really LOVE being outside and smelling nature and working up a good healthy sweat! Then walk through a sprinkler. :)

So instead of going for a nice work out I decided to cook a yummy dinner. All day I was planning on making grilled chicken and eating that with the left over slaw I made and some tomato slices. Then I got bored. I wanted to try something new! So I did! I used HALF of a Portuguese roll and sliced it and toasted it in the oven. Meanwhile, I was grilling up a small chicken breast seasoned with fresh ground garlic sea salt and fresh ground pepper. Idk if it's just me, but for some reason I think if I use fresh ground spices that they make your food taste better. Idk if this is true, but it's a current obsession. Anyways....while my chicken was grilling I started assembling my sandwich. I took the toasty roll and put about 1.5-2tbs of herb light mayo (1pt/tbs) on the bread. I then took about 4 slices of roasted red peppers (idk how many points. I can't find it anywhere and the jar is at home. They were marinating in olive oil so I know they weren't 0pts), and then I added a slice of tomato. Then came the chicken. SO GOOD. MMMM. I felt like I was eating a delicious crispy paninni. It was awesome! As fas as points...I am going to say:



mayo- 2pts

peppers- 2pts?


total: 14pts approx.

Well worth it! I ate it with my slaw creation and it was an awesome dinner! Def not the same ol' boring thing! Here is a pic:

Doesn't that look awesome?? I wish I made extra! YUM! Oh look! Someone wants a bite!
Literally under the coffee table wishing and praying that I drop a crumb. Love him <3

So after dinner I was feeling a little guilty about my daily food intake. I did have a SMALL piece of chocolate peanut butter birthday cake at the office that day. I needed to find a way to go work out. It was only 7pm and I still had plenty of time to head outside and get a workout in. I checked and the radar looked clear! Put on my sneaks and headed out the door. I was bookin' it. Walking so fast and it felt so good. It was hot so I was def working up a nice sweat. Then I hear a loud thunder. Oops. I had only walked a half mile when I had to turn around. All in all I think I walked for 25 mins and about 1 mile maybe 1.2 miles. It was a disappointment but when I got inside I used my weights like I said I would. I did a few reps and called it a day.

All in all it was a successful day. Any day that you can squeeze in at LEAST 10 mins of exercise is a good day. You should always shoot for 30+mins, but something is better than nothing!

I plan on working out hard tonight as well as using my weights again! I love the place I am in right now!!! I FEEL SO GOOD!!!!!

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