Wednesday, July 20, 2011

This is my friend....

...Muscle Maker Grill. You can call him MMG for short. I Love this restaurant. They have sprouted all over New Jersey. They offer awesome food that is healthy, but still has flavor. They have wraps, salads, pasta, protein shakes, soups, chicken and other random stuff. This was my lunch today. A MMG Signature wrap on a low carb wrap with a side cesar salad. It has REAL grilled chicken, reduced fat cheddar, lettuce, tomato, onion, turkey bacon and their low carb signature sauce (tastes like southwest awesomeness). This was my first time trying the cesar salad (I usually get cucumber salad or fat free balsamic potatoes, both are equally yummy). It was AWESOME. My new fav side. The dressing was creamy, but not like fat creamy. More like lemony and fresh creamy. The salad is only 44 calories and 1g of fat. Their nutrition info is on their website, but it's so small I can't really read it!

It's hot out and I wasn't really looking forward to eating my Smart Ones cheese pizza minis...ugh. So I wanted to treat myself to eating out. My options are limited if I want to eat somewhat healthy. Basically it was wawa, subway, or MMG. Of course I picked MMG because it is amazing. I am really proud of myself that "treating myself" to eating out to lunch, I still make the right choices and eat healthy. Just another example on how the OLD ME doesn't exist ANYMORE! :D

Check them out:

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