Monday, July 11, 2011 the day!

I will find out tonight how much weight I have lost these past 3 weeks!! I am going for 5lbs, but to be honest...I will take anything as long as it's a loss! A success is a success and your weight going in the right a success. I feel really great and I am hoping for some great progress tonight!! I know today will drag because I am so anxious to find out my results!

I have been working very hard these past few weeks. I have worked out a lot and pushed myself to go harder, faster, and longer. I hope it works!

My food intake has been off and on. Some days I do amazing and then others I'm eating pizza and water ice. Hopefully it all evens out and I can lose some weight!


My dad is me. I am my dad. We are the same person. Is that good...ehhhh I am not sure haha. At times it can be dangerous. Anyone that knows my father knows that he is a funny nutcase and we pretty much have the SAME exact sense of humor, interests, and personality. It's very fun, but when the two of us get's bad news! Especially when shopping/fashion is involved. My dad understands the idea of splurging on nice things. Unfortunately for my wallet my dad is a manager at Nordstroms. Let's just say I visit him at work often. I tell him I want a new pair of black sandals he takes me over to the Tory Burch and Jimmy Choos. Again...the same person. I tell him I want $250 Tory Burch sandals he says "Awesome. I love those." ( dad is not gay. He just appreciates the finer things in life and appreciates well made items)

I made the most amazing mistake of my life telling my dad about my weight loss plans and my long-term goal incentive of buying a pair of Christian Louboutin 5-inch black peep toe pumps when I lose 100lbs. And do you know what this great man did? HE TOOK ME OVER TO THE CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN ORDERING BOOK AND SHOWED ME THEIR NEW LINE!!!!!!!!! THEN...ladies and gentleman....HE TOLD ME HE WOULD BUY ME A PAIR IF I LOST 100LBS!!!! Hello. That is the day I started my eating disorder. Kidding. But seriously...I will never let him forget that moment. I mean...he should buy me a pair just to buy me a pair...but I know that will never happen since these babies are $800. But hey...100lbs...that's a lot of weight but I have had this goal all along! In fact I want/need to lose 140lbs, so a 100 isn't even my ending goal! I.NEED.THESE.SHOES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am already 33% there! And after tonight I hope to be even closer!!! :D

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