Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Chunky 26 is the new...86?

That's how I feel. And I'm ok with that. Why you may ask?? Because I know that my body pains are a result from working hard the past 2 days. Yes, no lie. I worked hard at something.

In fact....I RAN. I'm not lying. I really did run. And I know what you're thinking...Julie run? How is that possible. Well you know what??? It IS possible. I may be large and in charge but this girl has played soccer for 14 years and basketball for 10. I am an athletic girl. And guess what...I was fat when I played those sports and I still kicked ass. It is possible for a fat girl to run down the street without dying. Thank you. So please step off.

Enough of my little rant. I just hate that people think because you are big that you aren't athletic. I think I proved that stereotype wrong when I kicked all the skinny girls asses in sports throughout the years. Yup.

So to get back on track...yes I started running. Not a full out 2 mile sprint but enough to call it running. Walking was just not enough anymore. I was walking 2.6mi in 40 minutes and I started feeling like that wasn't enough. I needed to step it up. A few months back probably in April I started to run a little. I would run from this tree to that mailbox or from this street corner to that car. It was hard for me to run even one block and I knew it wasn't time to start running seriously. I needed to walk a bit more.

I finally got to the point where I was ready to start running. I started a little last week just to get a feel of where my progress has gotten me. And I must say...I was mighty surprised. I could run from that tree to that mailbox to that stop sign! I could def tell my weight loss has helped me step it up. I ran on Monday and ran sooo much. I did my somewhat short route of about 2.4 miles and I probably ran about half of it! Not all at once, but in increments. I would run whenever I felt like it (usually when no cars or people were around haha). I could tell I was stronger. I could run pretty far without stopping, at least 1/8 a mile and sometimes more. That may not seem like a lot to some people, but for me it's def a great start!

Yesterday I was motivated to give it another try. And guess what?? I kicked ass!! I did my usual route and killed it. I ran alot and pushed myself as hard as I could. When I wanted to stop, I didn't. I kept going thinking about how hot my legs will look in my 5inch Christian Louboutin peep toe black pumps, my 100lb reward from my dad. $800 shoes are really great motivation. :)

After my run I knew immediately that I had a new addiction to add to my list besides call of duty black ops and farmville (don't judge, I have an addictive personality). I love this new addiction and I hope it lasts forever.

My main goal is to be able to run a 5k in my friend Michelle's memory. She passed away from stage IV Melanoma in 2008 and I want to run the Miles for Melanoma of DE 5k in her honor. She always believed in me that I could lose weight if I wanted to because I was a strong and beautiful girl. I wear my black melanoma bracelet 24/7 in her memory and I usually always look down at it when I need an extra boost of motivation and strength. Unfortunately this years 5k is in a few weeks and I am not ready to take on that challenge. However, in 2012 I will be.

Pain is temporary but results last forever.

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