Saturday, August 20, 2011

fatty fat fat

BOOOO. I had a bad day yesterday.

It started off awesome. I looked sooooo cute in my black sundress and zebra cardigan with my tory burch sandals! My hair was awesome and so was my mood!

Food intake started off awesome. A nice breakfast then a lean cuisine lunch! Then. ugh ugh ugh. I ate chick fil a for dinner. Then I had a girls night with my friends and I had (3) glasses of skinny girl margarita and a glass of wine. I don't really drink anymore because when I drank one night in March....I gained weight that week. It's not because of the actual liquor calories, but more about the bad choices I make when I am in that situation (drunk).

For example...I already had chick fil a for dinner. But then I get to my friends and eat chips and salsa, pizza, cracker and cheese, and prob a million other things. So...bad.

Now I feel guilty and I am going to go out and walk for 2 hours. I am going to go walk into my little town and actually enjoy the nice day while exercising. I can't sit here and boo hoo over what I ate last night....I just need to do some damage control and fix it.

I am so close to 50lbs...I can't mess this up.

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